22 Years of Service

DY Consultants | Doing Right by our Clients

DY Consultants began operations in Valley Stream, NY, in 1991, providing services to aviation facilities in the Eastern Region. We focused on outworking our competition and providing the most responsive services possible. DY Consultants targeted the State of New Jersey’s Aeronautical System as a primary market. Although funding was limited, we viewed this work as an opportunity to enter the market and to demonstrate our capabilities. Trenton-Robbinsville Airport and Woodbine Airport, in New Jersey, became our first clients, and remain clients to this day. The aviation community acknowledged the achievements of these two airports (including the Federal Aviation Administration and New Jersey Department of Transportation), resulting in a landslide of recognition and the beginning of DY Consultants’ growth.

Twenty-two years later, now located in Garden City, NY, we are a nationally recognized firm with more than 400 airport planning and engineering projects completed. With over 30 employees, comparable in size to aviation departments of the biggest firms in the country, our success stories include some of the largest and most challenging projects in the Eastern Region of the United States. Our history includes solving the most difficult issues challenging airports.

Our geographic reach has expanded into New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Puerto Rico. With our steady growth, we are prepared to expand into other regions of the United States and internationally.


The general aviation community benefits from the expansion of our operations to offer services to the largest air carrier airports in the nation (JFK International and LaGuardia, for example). The loyalty of our valued clients is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We apply our core values to every client, providing the best services with the highest level of attention.

Of course, none of this is possible without the unwavering support of the aviation community, the trust of our clients and the many colleagues that have supported DY Consultants throughout our history. We thank our clients for their support over the last two decades and look forward to continued success with our partners in bettering the aviation infrastructure.

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